Are We Sound?

Short answer is Yes.

Sound. It's in us. It's on us. It's all around us. It happens when we breathe. When we talk and while we walk. The wind blows by, we hear the sound of calming white noise. Along with the sporadic percussion sound of leaves shaking in the soft distance. The ocean waves sounding out loud while breaking crash down bring a relaxing buzz in the eardrums. Connecting your breath with the sound of the waves brings some natural balance with the internal sound within your body. 
Sound is everywhere. Don’t you wanna learn more about us? 
I mean YOU when I say us. 
After reading this now you can start to see that SOUND is a big part of our us, our body, and the nature around us.
Sounds are vibrations that travel through the air or another medium and can be heard when they reach our ears.
Sound therapy uses vibrational frequencies to balance one’s emotions, stress, muscle tension, and mental state. When the right sound frequencies enter the area of the body where the unbalanced frequency is. The healing process will start to happen. Rebalancing of the Frequencies overall equals a more balanced and in-tuned sound.
Think of 2 tuning forks side-by-side. You hit one tuning fork and a sound will happen. Now put the tuning fork next to the other tuning fork. That tuning fork will start to vibrate and make a sound. It’s called resonance. Just think that our bodies are one big tuning fork. 
Now, that you know even more how sound. 
Don’t you wanna know more about Sound Frequencies?

Come try a Resoundful Soundbath. Find a nice spot to chill and vibe out.

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Are We Sound?
Sound. It's in us. It's on us. It's all around us. It happens when we breathe. When we talk and while we walk.
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