Breath is Life Force

Breathing is something we do without trying. Breathing is an important function that our whole system needs to live. We were never taught the proper way to breathe in school or at our doctor’s office. At some point in time we were taught about our breath in ancient practices.

What happened? When and where did we go off track? Was it the invention of modern pharmaceutical medicine?

Times are a changing.

We have to start now by teaching ourselves about the importance of our own breath and how to control it. We have to start learning ourselves and showing (not telling) that it’s changing our life to a more healthy positive human. After that then our children will learn naturally from us. In primal life, the mother teaches her youth by showing not just telling her children to do all these healthy things to survive in the wild. Breathing knowledge should be taught as a baby. When you see your baby with their mouth open, close it. After a while, the brain starts to keep the mouth closed and allowing the nose breath to take over. Just google how bad mouth breathing is. Again, this is an ancient practice where closing the baby’s mouth while sleeping. If your child’s breath is out the mouth mostly, they will not develop properly in their facial structure.

At Resoundful, we created a very simple 7 day Self Healing challenge. This will bring tons of healthy values to you and the rest of your family.

Follow the link below and change your life.

Breathwork is the conscious, controlled breathing to help achieve relaxation, meditation, and other therapeutic arts.Heart rate, pH and oxygen/CO2 are balanced by breathwork.
Ph of the body can be balanced by drinking the correct pH’ed water and food.

Breathwork Benefits 

  • aid positive self-development
  • boost immunity
  • process emotions, heal emotional pain and trauma
  • develop life skills
  • Develop or increase self-awareness 
  • enrich creativity
  • improve personal and professional relationships
  • increase confidence, self-image, and self-esteem 
  • increase joy and happiness
  • overcome addictions
  • reduce stress and anxiety levels
  • release negative thoughts
  • anger issues
  • anxiety
  • chronic pain
  • depression
  • emotional effects of illness
  • grief
  • trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

First, we wanna thanks everyone for reading this and following Resoundful.

This is our first blog post!

I am Jeremy Clubb. This is a new website and the beginning of Resoundful. We plan to grow this community together so we can help share this knowledge and practice to the rest of the world.

The value of Self Healing is the most important skill that you and your loved ones should know and have.

Take one day at a time and love the life you live. Give Thanks

Always pls follow and share the value. Peace JC

Breath is Life Force
Breathing is something we do without trying. Breathing is an important function that our whole system needs to live.
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