Be proud with yourself for coming this far, A new journey.

We are gonna keep it simple and learn a new task of self healing daily.

Keep pushing on through to achieve these basic skills to help keep yourself healthy.


Nose Breath + Closed Mouth + Tongue


  • Focus on your smooth slow nose breathing.

  • Keep your mouth closed.
  • Place the tip of your tongue on the gums just above your two front teeth.

  • Put your hands on your lower ribcage and breath in. Breath in and full up your lower ribcage with breath. Breath out feeling your ribcage sink back in.

  • All through out the next 24 hours you will only focus on this breath.

  • You will come in and out from the attention towards it.

  • You are slowly waking up your brain to pay more attention your breath and its functions.

Thats it.

Come back tomorrow and follow DAY 6 below.

Give Thanks

Learn to Self Heal

Sub for the Journey