We are all still here. Congrats for your new journey becoming you.

Natural water flows like the ocean. Ur breath and body is similar to the flow of the ocean.

Learning to ride the wave of our own ocean. These skills will help you control your stormy weather.


Nose Breath + Closed Mouth + Tongue + Feel Breath + Diaphragm + Counting + Hum


  • Focus on your smooth slow nose breathing.

  • Keep your mouth closed.

  • Place the tip of your tongue on the gums just above your two front teeth.

  • Feel the air of your nose breath in and out your nose. Feel cool air in and warm air out.

  • Keep that feeling of your lower ribcage expanding and sinking back in.

  • Breath in and count 1 to 5 then short rest.

Breath out and count 1 to 5 then rest.


  • Just Hum. Breath in nose and breath out humming. Feel your inner body vibrate. Do it calmly then build up with more vibration.

  • All through out the next 24 hours you will only focus on this breath.

  • You will come in and out from the attention towards it.

  • You are slowly waking up your brain to pay more attention the voice of healing within you..

Thats it.

Come back tomorrow and follow the Bonus below.

Give Thanks

Learn to Self Heal

Sub for the Journey