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What is Resoundful?

Mindful Practices using Breath, Sound, Meditation, Movement, and Acupressure.

Who is Resoundful?

Jeremy Clubb, former Doctor of Natural Medicine

(Healer, Musician and Creator)


We care about your peace of mind!

My Life journey in healing started out as a young youth watching my father heal so many unhealthy people. He is a successful Chiropractor that practices a whole natural healthy lifestyle.

I always admired watching his energy light up while treating his clients. Observing as they came into the office suffering in pain, or stiffness.

Then after leaving more happier and in way less pain.

My mother is retired now but on her journey she experienced being hair-dresser, a chiropractic assistant and then a registered nutritionist practitioner. She was amazing at observing people and knowing what they should or shouldn’t eat. She had transformed a lot of weak minded to strong minded so they could overcome their diet struggles and depression.

So, basically I was pretty much born into super powers to heal.

From ages 15 to 29, I was living in Canada. I had practiced as a Chiropractic assistant, a myomassoligist, an acupuncturist, and then a doctor of natural medicine. Most of my youth I had the dream of traveling to Australia and Asia. So, I finally got my Ozzy working holiday visa before the deadline of 30 years old.I put healing people to the side to follow my soul’s journey. I spent a couple years there, and then went to Asia which kept me there for over a decade. I became an observer of all type of healers. Studying traditional therapies, herbs, massage, meditation, movement, breathwork and sound healing.

Since, I was an inspiring musician as well. Sound healing really struck a note of passion and calling in my life. Music was and is my life. I came to realize that we need to listen to some sort of positive music daily to help balance ourselves. One of my last music production was an award winning sound track (score) that won best Canadian documentary of 2019 at the Toronto film festival. The film was an inspiring yoga documentary called Atha Gamma. I produced a sound healing composition using many healing frequencies, sounds and instruments.


We keep our body moving.

I recently arrived home to Canada after all these years from a small fishing village covered with temples cut out alongside of the monkey mountain and the China Sea in Chaishan, Taiwan.

There, I lived in an old rustic temple for the past 7 years. I was performing and producing music. Plus teaching language and studying sound healing, movement, and mindfulness. 

Every so often I’d go on a music tour around Asia. Vietnam, Bali, Singapore. Learning and adapting to a new culture was an amazing experience that a classroom could never teach.

Finding the power of vocal toning young in my tempered past helped me start to overcome anger and fear. When I felt anger, I would lightly hum. My chest and body would vibrate. Sometimes I'd just walking away, finding a place to stop and Om (humming) . It was the most helpful thing that I did to ease the stress.

In Taiwan, I taught a close friend to Om. He had stress so badly that it was starting to mess with his immune system. We would go on journeys or just sit outside the Dub Shack and om under a tree. Sometimes, monkeys would just chill above us while we made sounds. We both found the power of our voices and meditation. Being in nature and creating these vibrations within the sounds of everything we felt peace. 

One Frequency

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Jeremy Clubb and Resoundful


We won the best Canadian Documentary at TIFF. I created a sound healing soundtrack for the film.

This film was an inspiring journey through Yoga. L. Farrah Furtado was the creator and producer of Atha Gamma.

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